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+13    Run across the great mountain through countless villages and towns. Jump, turn and slide across bridges, through tunnels and rifts. Features: Comfortable and tight swipe and tilt controls Pick up coins and gems scattered across the mountains Use crazy powerups Boost the ...    58 MB    Views 9888

Springy Bird

+3    Springy Bird Touch, hold, release and the bird will jump. By holding more, you give more power to the bird, low power will kill you, and also hight power will. Click and release in the perfect time to have the bird on the ...    7 MB    Views 5806


+17    A game to Jump and find keys in each level then go to next level. 3 buttons on the bottom of the screen to control the block head hero: 1. left key, on the left bottom, when pressed down, the hero will ...    6 MB    Views 6316

Princess Sky

+5    Nothing can be better than the life of a Princess. Except a Princess with a jetpack Fly through 50 levels of challenging obstacles and enemies. Navigate your way through puzzling labyrinths in 5 different worlds, all with their own theme music. Colorful ...    53 MB    Views 2768

Warrior Corgi

+10    Warrior Corgi Sniper story of the struggle to win up to solve puzzles to enjoy game. Warrior Corgi is going to his family from a very hard day's work and enters his modest home and there is no one in the ...    106 MB    Views 2850

Skaking Bird

+1    A bird controlled by shaking your device    12 MB    Views 2353


-5    This Zebra has had enough You are an angry Zebra who is fed up with everything. You decided to take matters into your own "hands". Punch and kick as many cubs possible but watch out for the obstacles that are ...    43 MB    Views 388
+7    Hello as you all know Dodo can't fly and he want to fly like all the birds.One day he saw a dream that he flew with the help of Jetpack, and he will traverse various environment and collect coin to ...    55 MB    Views 1772
+5    Help the 6 god fly through the 6 back to back while avoiding his enemy.    4 MB    Views 7605

Line Circle

-8    Line Circle is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle. But watch out, pipes will break if they cross or overlap Free ...    9 MB    Views 550
-5    Strap into a downhill rush, where you control the box as it descends under the slope. Test your skill in leaping through enemy obstacles and spikes.    7 MB    Views 9363
adventure games hidden puzzles world objects present great object storyline
+7    Hello, my name is Pifagor, I present a great mathematicians. Residents of the mathematical world have long been suffering from not understood phenomena and terrible unexplained. We have been waiting for help from a specialist in such matters. Test your abilities ...    50 MB    Views 7495
google cardboard trigger game demo graphics island definition high
+2    Explore an amazing high definition island vacation in virtual reality Hold the trigger down on your Google Cardboard device to move in the direction you are looking, or use a button on a mobile joypad. This demo works best on ...    120 MB    Views 9738

Nyan Cat Runner

cat jump time play game nyan blocks run
+23    The endless arcade game involving all famous internet celebrity cats such as Ryan Cat Features: Easy to Play Game Design for all devices: phone, tablet Used to play in your spare time How to play: Tap to jump through blocks Game has ...    7 MB    Views 8222
toys toy andy room game mini
-9    Famous Andy's Room : Mc Mini Game has come to App store. You are inside of Andy's Room. Be aware , everything is live. Toys are alive and they might attack you. The story of toy wars is your buzz lightyear and ...    70 MB    Views 4450
multiplayer world game yellow center grow choose
-4    PIXELMON YELLOW : MC HUNTER Mini Game with MULTIPLAYER ►THE MOST POPULAR OLD SCHOOL CLASSIC GAME comes to MC► ►PIXELMON YELLOW MC EDITION► "Hello there Welcome to the world of Pixelmon" Pixelmon allows for the most advanced turn based battle system all the way ...    54 MB    Views 9825
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+27    Be a bus driver conquering a dusty off road plane, but avoid crashes Try this Off road New Bus Simulator. Load your passengers into your bus and transport them safely to the desired destination. This is how you become the champ ...    75 MB    Views 18
zombie adventure eating health fish ocean underwater monster explore smaller
-1    Zombie virus is already underwater Halfdead, halfalive... They are bloodthirsty predators which dream about eating something or.. someone. Zombie Fish is an entertaining arcade where you get a chance to grow your own underwater monster. Explore the deep ocean and maintain ...    54 MB    Views 6286
+8    Test your skills in the ultimate stunt school as your favourite hero Advance trough different levels, score points and set new records Improve your skills in more than 40 unique levels Unlock all achievements Challenge your friends by setting top scores and enjoy the ...    24 MB    Views 1798
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+16    Tap to Control The Birdy. Avoid hitting the pipes Collect the coins. But don’t you forget to look out for enemies and obstacles Happy Birdy Adventures is great for every age. Young and old can compete against each other. Families can enjoy ...    12 MB    Views 8559

Avoid Green Stars

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+1    Tap to Move Up Avoid collision with stars You Lose if you crash    4 MB    Views 2390
Related Apps paper plane
-9    It is a game that paper plane rises in tap. Please aim high score to avoid the obstacle.    32 MB    Views 972
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+1    Welcome to the ultimate jumping challenge Characters must reach their destination by jumping on platforms across the globe Will you master their unique abilities and increase your skill? Earn coins and unlock new characters with unique abilities and different worlds. Good Luck and Have ...    23 MB    Views 6253

The Monster Escape

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-4    Monster Escape is a fun and addictive brain and puzzle game.The place is dangerous place, full of pitfalls and obstacles planet.Your task for this game is to help the monster to reach to his plane so that he can escape ...    44 MB    Views 4013


-6    Fusion of cool music and beautiful images Guests can enjoy the music Guests can enjoy the graphic Do not hit the alien. That's all.    13 MB    Views 8723

Parrot Hunters

game parrot hunting cute graphics animations slingshot birds
-2    Amazing "Slingshot" game never before A game with beautiful HD graphics and animations Stress Relieving Parrot hunting Game which will fade all your worries away Enjoy hunting with Cute Parrots and variety of backgrounds. You will definitely fall in love with the game if ...    10 MB    Views 9179
apple game 360 doge pro score life thug true store
+4    MLG Doge 360 is finally on the apple app store A new game has been released today and made for true mlg fans If you are a true mlg then you should try and play this game and get the most mlg ...    9 MB    Views 8543
-5    We have helped to cut electricity. The birds fly through. You can play with your friends or single player for fun    12 MB    Views 7802

Beaver Builder

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0    Beaver Builder collects logs for plans to build a Palace. This is one of crossy road games, which are very popular Each level on the opposite bank of the river must bring a log, then build a Palace. River fishing float evil, crocodiles, ...    48 MB    Views 8745

World War Battle

war islands enemies unique defense awesome units levels guns lot battles
+2    Get ready for World War Battle to defend your islands against evil invaders Your team is consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. Deep in the conflict between you and evil invaders. Protect your freedom and liberty. Fight ...    41 MB    Views 3783

Coconut Grab

0    You have to avoid coconut that not need catch. Please play game and fun thank you.    9 MB    Views 3941
history people town hidden ancient ghost object curse version gold
+8    People are fleeing for their lives as paintings come to life and poltergeists destroy their property. Supernatural powers besieged the town after a mysterious stranger had robbed the local museum and stole several exhibits. Among them there was an ancient ...    47 MB    Views 7345


+22    Tap your way to avoid the spikes Can you make it past 20?    13 MB    Views 2058

Fantasy Runner

0    Run away from the monsters living in the swamp Try to survive as long as possible.    2 MB    Views 5881

Run Ananse Run

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-2    This is a very exciting game about the legendary Ghanaian hero called Kweku Ananse.The graphics and gameplay will simply blow your mind. You as the player get to control the Legendary Kweku Ananse who is being chased by a very ...    36 MB    Views 5087

Flappy Pole

pole flappy play game
+12    Drawing inspiration from the former most addicting game on the App Store, Flappy Bird Comes a fun, twisted version where a flying pole finally gets its chance to play In this game, you will dodge stacks of birds in this ...    3 MB    Views 8976
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0    My Granny Athletics Run is an exciting running adventure of cute and athletic grandma. Funny granny forgot to feed her grandson and now she is running to fix that disappointing negligence She is old but very fast, so join ...    64 MB    Views 3656

Lone Heavy Gunner

-5    Lone Heavy Gunner is the game of one man army, combat commando, a lone survivor and an assault commando who is ready to save his country from the enemy Terrorist attack to his soul land. Lone Heavy Gunner is one ...    114 MB    Views 4189
+9    Run across the great mountain through countless villages and towns. Jump, turn and slide across bridges, through tunnels and rifts. Features: Comfortable and tight swipe and tilt controls Pick up coins and gems scattered across the island Use crazy powerups Boost the ...    14 MB    Views 3743
+1    Long time ago fruit ninjas decided to get training and to get the power to lengthen the bamboo. Now they must save their friends from Kung Fou Legacy. Could you help him to go further with your magic ability?    25 MB    Views 7925

Crazy Chameleon HD

action chameleon flies play addictive full game catch
-9    Play as a hungry Chameleon and catch flies by extending your tongue. Pretty simple to play, addictive and full of action. Can you help the chameleon to eat the correct flies? then Help him to catch the right flies Make sure to protect ...    43 MB    Views 7620

Keep 20s

+5    the game is very hard,you can keep 20s?just try your best    9 MB    Views 4364
escape stone dungeon
-1    Wake up in an old stone dungeon which seems no one can escape.You must use your brain to find some useful items, combine them to help you resolve the puzzles and escape.    37 MB    Views 5135
Related Apps adventure game cave princess atlantis secret rescue treasure escape place
-4    Princess of Atlantis Rescue 3 Prince Adventure Herbs Search Hunt, Halloween Secret Castle Princess Of Atlantis is Sick. She need nine herbs to recover from the sickness. Your job goes to the secret place which is having the Herb 3. Find the ...    25 MB    Views 7683


Related Apps game unique development forget levels dozens face enemies destruction enemy
-3    In this game, you will come to know the fascinating story of a man who, being a simple farmer, becomes a great magician after the mysterious destruction of his native village by dark magicians. Will you be able to find ...    470 MB    Views 5526

Lil Red Dragon

dragon red lil
+8    Help Lil Red Dragon get to the Dragons nest before the Grots get to him. Free to play and fun to be had in this highly addictive flapper.    30 MB    Views 6796
+29    Arrgh…you’ve been forced to walk the plank, matey. Luckily, you are in charge of building it too. See how far ye can go before ye fall. Download the adventure now.    11 MB    Views 7702
battle punch
-5    The zombies are closing in See how many you can punch out in this battle to save the world. Download now to play    7 MB    Views 4263
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+4    Tap the screen to fly.. [How to play] > Tap the screen to fly upwards. > Avoid obstacles. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard). > Unlock unique characters and levels    16 MB    Views 3749
ski ninja boss endless hero run safari happy dungeon
+5    Ski Rabit Safari : A Happy Dungeon Hero Ninja Boss On the Run • Beautiful HD Graphics with Retina Supported • Achievements to unlock • Gamecenter Leaderboard • Endless jump Endless Fun • Enjoy ultimate Free Game for all age    17 MB    Views 4534
poker game real experience feel interface fun scene
+21    马上下载和美女一起玩斗地主吧!! Beauty to fight the landlord a chess poker class delicate work, game screen fine, interesting, let us feel the joy of the ubiquitous in the game. An exciting game to promote the game fun, real scene game interface, and real ...    6 MB    Views 3585
highest obstacles score avoid free
+1    Meet BobbleHead your character, help him to avoid any logs that cross his path by tapping the screen. The longer the touch the higher the jump. The more obstacles you avoid the faster the obstacles come towards you. Can you get ...    20 MB    Views 4264

Moving Casca TMO

jump game
+7    Let’s jump with Casca Just tap the screen to jump the direction of the Casca. Be careful and hurry up and get the high score. how far can you go? This game demands skills, where you have the control your Casca. Get fun to ...    21 MB    Views 5104
pool material husband environment criminal room honey
-3    □ Story□ Honey there was a name of the cat that favorite pool to a certain place. One day, pool is to your husband like the original to me a honey. But when entering the room, in the room ransacked, the figure of ...    16 MB    Views 8859

Frog Boy Pro

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+3    NO ADS The all addictive Frog Boy Game is Here Just Tap to make Frog Boy Fly. Swing around different levels and avoid hitting the enemy Hit the power ups instead It will protect Frog Boy for 5 seconds when you hit the enemies. Also ...    5 MB    Views 7151

Battle Monster City

game monsters free play touch monster
-7    Game Launch Special: Free for 1 Day Only Download FREE Full version game without any limitations. A joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your brain skills With really crisp and optimized graphics for the large iPad ...    64 MB    Views 1767
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-5    A little lost panda runs in the jungle and cannot not find his way between palm trees, bamboo and ruins. Help panda run in the jungle, collect shiny coins and finish all the levels in this fun and amazing running panda ...    40 MB    Views 9957

Looney Bee

Related Apps bee game free score download
+4    The most addictive game of 2015 has arrived on your iPhone and iPad Download it for FREE, start playing with Looney Bee and get involved in its wonderful adventures. Collect as many coin as you can and rise the leaderboard. ...    38 MB    Views 4208
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-9    Tap the screen to fly.. [How to play] > Tap the screen to fly upwards. > Avoid obstacles. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard). > Unlock unique characters and levels >Use the Lucky Wheel to win more characters and ...    19 MB    Views 100
sniper fox
-2    Aim device to snipe and kill. Hunt fierce and dangerous Fox in the wild FEATURES: Enemies everywhere Play all the levels Simple controls Multi Weapon selection Use a precision sniper rifle as you rack up the kills Fast paced. Do you have what it takes? Premium sniping action    44 MB    Views 7389
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